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Wilmington Friends Silent Auction

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Welcome back! As some of you have noticed, we've had quite a bit of extra excitement happening at Kava Haus this week! We were very grateful to give some of the space in our coffee shop to the Wilmington Friends Group so that they could host a silent auction.

So.... what is a silent auction and why are we doing it? A silent auction is very similar to a traditional auction, just without an auctioneer yelling until an item is sold. We have tables set up at Kava Haus with several different items in which you can bid. Each item has a sheet of paper next to it where you can place your bid. At the end of the auction, the person with the highest bid is then contacted to come get their purchased item.

That sounds fun, right? So why am I buying these items and where is the money going?

I'm glad you asked!

Every year, the Wilmington Friends Group hosts a silent auction as a fundraiser to help pay for a trip to Belize. This year, there will be a group of 12 individuals traveling to Belize to tutor and mentor school children. They will also be partnering with the local police department to provide guidance to troubled youth. Near the end of their trip, they will take these students on a fun, educational field trip. Not only do they directly help the children in Belize, they also spend time helping the community. When they aren't tutoring, they spend their time doing repair work on buildings in the town.

Kava Haus is extremely proud to be a small part in this wonderful group's mission. Please come help spread love and support to those in our community so that they can take that love overseas to help those in need. The auction ends at 1:30pm on Saturday, February 16th.


Be Kind, Be Awesome, Drink Kava!


Thank you for all of the incredible support during the silent auction! We are so excited to announce that we raised a little over $1,500 for the children at the Friends School in Belize. This wouldn't have been possible without YOUR help! Thank you and God Bless.

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