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About Kava Haus

We opened in 2014 but we began long before that. Brad and Tricia Heys had a dream to open a small business in the historic part of Wilmington, Ohio where they had spent several years raising their family and being involved in the community. When the house on 187 E. Locust Street went on the market, they jumped at the opportunity to start constructing what is now one of the most successful small businesses in the town of Wilmington.

It took several years to transform the building that had previously been used as a funeral home into the cozy coffee shop it is today. Not only that, but it took quite a bit of trial and error before Brad and Tricia came up with the perfect recipes for their delicious homemade scones and pastries. 

They were finally ready to open their doors. But getting a small business up and running isn't exactly a walk in the park. It's taken the past five years to build our quality Kava Haus team, spread the word, and gain our customer base. 


While we focus heavily on our quality of product, we focus even more on the quality of our customer service. When you come to Kava Haus, you will always be greeted with a welcoming smile. We do everything we can to stay present in local events and activities and donate locally to the Clinton County Farmers Market, Clinton County Youth Center, the downtown Dance Studio, and Wilmington City Schools.

What our customers say about us...


“I absolutely love Kava Haus! From the friendly service, wonderful coffee, scones, wood fired pizzas, soup, to the cozy interior; it is amazing!”


“Such an inviting atmosphere. Having refreshments on the front porch was wonderful!”


“Cozy, delicious, and peaceful! The 'feel-good' place of Wilmington.”

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