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Kava Haus in the Community

This May, Kava Haus has quite a bit happening throughout the community of Wilmington, Ohio.

For starters, you can come enjoy our scones and coffee every day this week (May 6th - May 10th) at Wilmington Savings Bank!

Wilmington Savings Bank has been our community's loyal and trusted bank for more than 125 years. They strive to be a resource to the people of Wilmington and to help them achieve their dreams. They are very active within the community and do everything they can to support local businesses. If you're interested in learning more about Wilmington Savings Bank, just go to to get more information!

Not only are we present at Wilmington Savings Bank this week, we are also working in collaboration with Wilmington College's Fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha, to help raise money for those in need.

Lambda Chi Alpha donates hundreds of canned goods to Sugartree Ministries every year. This year, they decided they wanted to give even MORE. The one thing that Sugartree Ministries needs more than anything else is perishable foods. It's difficult for them to store meat and milk for those in need and it's even trickier to get any sort of donation for those items. Lambda Chi Alpha decided that they wanted to raise money so that Sugartree Ministries can purchase these perishable goods as needed.

When you purchase a Lambda Chai Latte at Kava Haus, 15% of the proceeds go directly to Sugartree Ministries and their fund to purchase these goods. You can stop in and get the Lambda Chai Latte from now until Friday, May 10th. Help support Wilmington College in their efforts to feed the people of Wilmington!

For those of you that haven't heard, Kava Haus will be participating in the Wine Walk this year!

Inside our coffee shop, there will be a wine stop serving a dry red wine. Outside of our coffee shop, there is a food stop! Yes, you guessed it. We're making our famous wood fire pizzas for all of those involved in this event! We will also have Elite Sound Productions DJ booth set up outside by the pizza oven! It will be a night to remember!

Stop by and see us this month and participate in some of these amazing events in our community!

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